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GTA 5: Peyote Plant Collectibles

GTA 5: Peyote Plant Collectibles

One new element in the redesigned variant of that Rockstar has stayed silent about is the expansion of peyote plant collectibles, which when expended send you through a hallucinatory excursion into the body of an arbitrary creature! Some peyote plants transform you into a winged animal, while others change you into four-legged or amphibian animals, however until you finish your accumulation you just get one shot with every plant – so make a recovery heretofore on the off chance that you need more than a solitary endeavor at unleashing your repressed monster.

There are 27 of these to discover altogether, and their little size implies that you’re unrealistic to unearth them unintentionally – fuss not however, as we have all the data you have to go on ‘profound journeys’ over Los Santos and Blaine County.

While gathering peyote plants, it’s conceivable that the in-amusement counter may glitch and presentation one short of what you’ve really discovered, which appears to happen in the event that you kick the bucket while on your pursuit. In the event that you end up in this circumstance, come back to the peyote plant in Raton Canyon neglecting the Alamo Sea to find that it ought to have respawned, permitting you to eat it again and right you’re counter.

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